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Graphic Designer | 3D Artist | Web Designer

Please feel free to contact me!
  • Mail Stop: [email protected]
  • Phone Stop: [UK] +44 (0) 7595 400 243
  • Twitter: @premrajah
Graphic Design: Broken Promises - Designed by: Prem Rajah 3D Rendering of a gun, 'Gail' - 3D Model by: Prem Rajah Illustration of a F1 Car - Artwork by: Prem Rajah Coporate Logo created for a company called 'ONINE' - Created by: Prem Rajah Drawing of a Girl with a Heart shaped necklace - Drawing by: Prem Rajah


A brief introduction about me.

I am a highly creative and versatile Digital Designer by profession and have had the pleasure of working for some well-known enterprises. I graduated from the reputed University for the Creative Arts, Surrey in 2008. I work with iconic brands, corporate leaders and start-ups, conceptualizing, creating and delivering high standards of design driven by bold creative thinking.

Every project I work with I see it as an opportunity to create something amazing that will connect with its targeted audience delivering high quality design and success for the client. I am also a skilled photo editor/re-toucher and an amateur photographer.

What do I specialize in?

As a digital designer I utilize a multitude of skills and I can adapt to new software’s quite easily, however also I specialize in a hand full of industry standard software’s for the Film, gamming and web industry. These include the ever famous Adobe Photoshop, the amazing Autodesk Maya and the cool new HTML5 and CSS3.

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